Alyia’s single mom worked two jobs but struggled to make ends meet. She and Alyia’s grandmother put all they had into making sure Alyia had a great education. Equipped with degrees in public health, urban planning, and a professional certificate in municipal finance, Alyia has tackled hunger policy at D.C. Hunger Solutions, advanced health policy at the National League of Cities, and managed an affordable housing investment program at the Center for Community Investment. Currently, as a Senior Program Officer at a national philanthropic organization, she works to end homelessness. 

When she moved to Alexandria, Alyia leveraged her education to serve, joining the Transportation Commission, Hunger Free Alexandria, Agenda Alexandria, Women of Color in Community Development, and the Junior League of Northern Virginia, among others. Having her own children only deepened her love for Alexandria—and further motivated her to make it the best possible place for her husband, kids, and neighbors.

“I’ve decided to run for Mayor to work with you to create innovative solutions to ensure that Alexandria is a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”

LEADERSHIP with Heart.

As a young child, Alyia was struck by words that have guided her ever since: “What does the Lord require of you but to seek justice” (Micah 6:8). She’s found her purpose in making sure cities work for everyone, leaving nobody behind.

Alyia knows that the people who are affected by an issue are most likely to know what needs to be done about it, so she reaches out, listens, and asks questions to make sure she hears different perspectives. She then collaborates with community members and colleagues across city government to figure out next steps and develop a plan.

If it requires bringing people together, she makes the connections.

If it requires taking risks, she takes them boldly.

If it requires disrupting the status quo, she disrupts with gusto.

If it requires the nitty gritty of responding to emails, reviewing complex research and data, and writing policy memos, she digs right in with all her determination.

This is how she’s gotten results at home, at work, and on the City Council. And it’s how she will get results for Alexandria as Mayor.